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Interview with Capital Magazine

We are excited to have the opportunity to share our mission and thoughts with readers of Capital on data literacy across organisations - from developing data visualisation, storytelling, monetisation to ultimately data democratisation across different levels and functions. (Click to enlarge)
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Interview with Economic Journal 信報

AI hurricane has been triggered and highly accelerated by the ChatGPT tide.  We appreciate the coverage by Economic Journal 信報 on this hot topic.  Together with HK Science Park, Microsoft, we have the opportunity to share our view on this unprecedented storm to the whole mankind and more importantly its impact to Hong Kong. We look forward to more exchanges and discussions with ecosystem stakeholders to foster the data literacy and value culture. (Click to enlarge)
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Interview with Metro Finance 新城財經台財智雙打

Every person needs to strengthen our data literacy in order to best use of ChatGPT and the future innovation of Generative AI.  Dr Toa Charm, Founding Chairman of DaLa is pleased to join 財智雙打 of Metro Finance to share our thoughts on how we all can make good use of data to create business and social impact. To listen the interview replay (in Chinese only), please visit 5 March 2023 Programme Replay - 新城財經台 - 財智雙打 Video Replay on YouTube - 1st part on ChatGPT - ChatGPT是另一個科技泡沫? 2nd part on Data L [...]
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