I have been in the data industry for more than 30 years.  My first job was a technical specialist in a multinational database company in the Silicon Valley.   I started to realize the power of data in the very beginning of my career.  Since then, I have been engaging in data warehousing, business intelligence and now AI, big data and machine learning.  It seems to many leaders and executives that “DATA NOT MY JOB” and IT teammates will take care of it.  This mindset has been changed in the top leading companies these days.  These leaders realized that data mindset and culture is crucial for their success in the digital era.  They strongly believe “DATA is EVERYONE’s JOB” They have empowered everyone in their organizations to speak, think and act on data every day.  Non just tech companies are doing it, but also traditional industry leaders are catching up fast.

Unfortunately, most of the companies in Hong Kong as well as other cities in Asia are not yet there.  My teammates and I of the Data Literacy Association (DaLa) have a strong belief and drive to make this happen in Asia.  We would like to empower more leaders and executives in organizations in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia with a high level of data literacy – to speak, think and act on data every day.  We will be gathering brilliant business and data leaders, startups and consultants to share best practices and experience on how they democratize data literacy to people in all walks of lives.  I highly encourage you to join our data literacy journey and empower you and everyone around you to be a data citizen.


Dr. Toa Charm
Founding Chairman, Data Literacy Association
[email protected]