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Empowering everyone to speak data

Empowering everyone in an organization to speak data becomes a critical success factor of the leading organizations in today’s digital economy.  To fully unlock the power of data, top leaders and data scientists need everyone in their organizations to be data citizen.  Unfortunately, most of the organizations do not have the data leadership, culture, and mindset to drive the transformation of democratizing data literacy to the majority of their workforce.

Community of Data Leaders in Asia

The Data Literacy Association (DaLa) is a non-profit knowledge-sharing organization. It was founded in 2022 by a group of data-literate and data-inspired leaders from corporates, consulting firms and start-ups.  It aims to empower the organizations in Asia to be successful in their data literacy journey.  DaLa is a community of data leaders and data citizens in Asia.  The association encourages and facilitates its members and ecosystem stakeholders to share their best practices and experiences on cultivating data literacy in their organizations.

Our Key Objectives

Share best practices of data literacy empowerment in organizations across industries and economies

Nurture data mindset and culture in organizations

Empower and upskill everyone to use data effectively in their everyday’s work and life

Advise industry associations, universities and government bodies to strengthen the data literacy of their respective stakeholders

Nurture students and startups on data literacy so that they can become the data culture carriers when they work for organizations or become entrepreneurs in the future