Best Data Literacy Award 2022

Best Data Literacy Award 2022

Data Literacy Association joins hand with CTGoodJobs to organize the first-ever “Best Data Literacy Award” in 2022. This award is a part of the Best HR Awards 2022. Best HR Awards aims to recognise outstanding talent acquisition and development, encouraging innovation and excellence among enterprises. It’s an opportunity to enhance the company branding image with 33 award categories in the Best HR Awards 2022.

The Best Data Literacy Award recognizes organizations that capitalize on their data to stay ahead of the curve, win the hearts of their customers and create new business models and revenue streams. Apart from possessing a professional and strong data team, these leading companies also have a secret sauce – a high level of data literacy across their organizations. Every employee at all levels in these companies can communicate, analyze and argue with data in their daily work.

Entrants should demonstrate their effort and commitment on building a strong data culture in their organizations and democratizing data literacy to all levels of staff. These leading enterprises with high data literacy will be recognized and received the Best Data Literacy Award.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Best HR Awards 2022.

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