Full house with great success at A.I Governance for Cross-Border Modeling: Challenges and Strategies forum


We are thrilled to share that we joined hands with #HKSTP for an insightful forum on the critical balance between data innovation and data governance on Jul 4.

Thanks to our Founding Chairman Dr. Toa CHARM and Founding Fellow Dr. Jacob Wai, who masterfully moderated the panels, guiding the discussion on practical strategies for embedding robust governance within innovative data practices. We were also glad to have our distinguished industry leaders Stephen L. from #BEA, Kev Hau from #Checkpoint, Joanne Hon (she/her) from #Equinix, Lance Yeung from #HKSTP and Alex Hung from #Manulife, as we explored valuable perspectives on data governance. We also discussed how the values of trust, accountability, and data quality are essential as we harness the power of these transformative technologies.

Special thanks to our supporting organizations #B4B, #HKCS, #HKIB, and our huge support #DAMA teams and their networks who joined us. And, thanks to our Founding fellow Tim Chan, MBA as MC.

#DaLa enjoys providing great opportunities for guests to make new connections, exchange data knowledge, and engage with the community.

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