“The Future of AI in Marketing: Exploring its Trends & Applications”, HKIM Symposium 2023

We are pleased to be Supporting Organisation of HK Institute of Marketing Symposium 2023 to be held on 31 August.  It aims to help businesses to personalize marketing, provide round-the-clock customer services, analyse data for predictive insights, and improve customer experience.  Don’t miss the opportunity to network and gain latest insights on how we bring marketing to the next level through the adoption of AI.

Highlighted Panel Session
Dr. Bethany M.Y. Chan, Chief Value Officer, DeepTranslate Limited
Mr. Cyril Cheung, Founder, Vioo Co. Ltd
Mr. Derek Ng, Technology Director, Parami Co. Limited
Mr. Zacharias Cheng, Co-Founder, Aqua Pro+Tech

Moderator: Dr. Toa Charm, Founding Chairman, Data Literacy Association

Register here.

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