Lunch & Learn: “Data-Driven AI Strategies for Social Media Success”

Lunch & Learn: “Data-Driven AI Strategies for Social Media Success”


The topic of our 2nd Lunch & Learn session is “Data-Driven AI Strategies for Social Media Success” which target to share actionable insights and practical tips for #marketers.

We express our gratitude to NECTAR Anthony Chan for his insightful presentation, which provided us with a valuable opportunity to enhance our knowledge during the lunch and learn session. He shared practical strategies for leveraging data and Gen-AI tools to effectively develop marketing content. In today’s marketing landscape, Gen-AI tools have gained immense popularity among marketers. However, understanding how to harness their power to achieve campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) remains a crucial challenge.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in digital marketing, Anthony demonstrated an effective approach and framework for maximizing the potential of social media. He used the example of #xiaohongshu (小紅書) to illustrate his points, showcasing the practical application of his strategies for the marketing campaign in #HK and #GBA.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to our partner, #HKRTIA, for their support, and express our gratitude to Mr. Henry Yeung, the Vice Chairman, for his valuable insights and sharing during the opening session. And also our venue sponsor, The Community Lab by #Hysan and #HKSTP.

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