HK Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2023

We are pleased to be Supporting Organisation of MIKE Award 2023.

The Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award ( is a diagnosis tool for improving innovation in enterprises as well as a basis for an international benchmarking study, reflecting the new drive in Knowledge Management is how innovative enterprises are operating in our continually changing.

The MIKE Award builds on the original Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award in 1998 with various renowned applicants. It was transformed to the MIKE Award in 2017 to extend both innovation and existing knowledge to identify and recognize those organisations which are creating shareholder and or stakeholder wealth by leveraging new innovative and existing enterprise knowledge into superior products, services, and solutions.  The MIKE assessment criteria is constantly revised to reflect the growing dynamism of today’s innovative knowledge-based enterprises.

Outstanding winners of different regions will be nominated to compete at the global level.  In 2022, nine organisations in Hong Kong (winners list) have obtained the Global MIKE Award. Details of previous winners can be found at

Online Briefing Session Highlight
Date:    6 July 2023 (Thurs) or 12 July 2023 (Wed)
Time:    10:00 – 10:30 (HKT)

The briefing will be recorded and available to all registrants afterwards.  Please also register to receive a copy of the recording.

Register the session here.

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