Bridging Data Divides: Exploring Cross-Boundary Opportunities and Challenges in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)

📣 Full House in DaLa 1.26 Event! 🎉
Our first DaLa event of 2024 was a huge success! With over a hundred attendees, we had an enlightening gathering of industry leaders, experts, and professionals.

The panel discussions highlighted the immense opportunities of cross-boundary data for business potential in GBA, offering valuable insights to enhance their strategies. It was a fantastic opportunity for all attendees to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and forge relationships with industry leaders and experts. The illuminating presentations delivered by HKSTP and OGCIO provided the audience with a comprehensive understanding of data governance and underscored the pivotal role of data in driving the trajectory of the digital economy. The speakers shed light on how data literacy plays a crucial role in distinguishing Hong Kong from other countries in the growth of digital economy.

A big thank you to our incredible speakers #OGCIO Kingsley Wong, #HKSTP Herbert ChiaAlibaba Cloud Abby Leung#HKSTP Michael Au, panelists Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce Lui TongKwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited Joe Lo#TransUnion Jerry Ying #AlibabaCloud #KevinTao#Checkpoint Kev Hau#Veeam Chris Wong and moderators #Dala Founding Chairman Dr. Toa CHARM, Founding Fellow Dr. Jacob Wai and all attendees for making this event so special.

We appreciate our Spporting Orgnisations #GS1HK#HKFEC#HKIM#HKRTIA#Businessgovirtual#HKCS#HKRMA #HKSTP and #iabHK on their active participation and enthusiasm throughout the event.

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