Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF) 2024: Generative AI – Transforming Knowledge Management and Innovation


Thanks for the invitation to the Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF) 2024 and the Global and Hong Kong MIKE Awards. We are proud to be one of the supporting organizations for this event.

Our founding chairman Dr. Toa CHARM had the honor of moderating a panel discussion on GenAI and sharing insights on the impact of Knowledge Management. We were privileged to have esteemed speaker, our founding fellow Ravel Lai from Uni-China Group.

We would like to extend our special congratulations to three esteemed DaLa member companies: 香港機場管理局 AAHK, 東亞銀行 BEA, and OpenCertHub Academy for their well-deserved awards in harnessing the power of AI to drive successful business outcomes.

Let’s carry on empowering #DataLiteracy, AI and KM to cultivate innovation and drive progress.

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