Data Empowers Retail: How Data Unlocks Sales Opportunity” Concludes Successfully


We are delighted with the success of the DaLa event today! Through the event, we were able to provide the attendees with a wealth of insights and practical skills to overcome the challenging situation faced by the retail industry.

Thanks for our founding chairman, Dr. Toa CHARM to share the welcome speech in the beginning, and told us how data is important, how data can generate dollars.

Our moderators, founding fellow Matthew Chan and Andrew Chan, led an insightful panel discussion, engaging deeply with speakers Kirsty H. from KDollar, Kei Chan from SHOPLINE, Sam Ngan from Popsible, doriswong from HKT, Alison Shih from iClick, and Li Wai Hung from ApoideaGroup. They explored how data can be used to optimize customer experience, marketing strategies, and business growth. The speakers’ fruitful discussions and exchanges on the application of data in the retail and advertising industry were a great learning experience for the attendees. All of guests enjoyed the networking opportunities and on-site interaction.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our co-host HKRMA, and supporting organizations BUSINESSGOVirtual, B4B, GS1HK, HKFEC, HKIM, HKRMA, HKRTIA, and iabHK, for their invaluable support. Special thanks to EJMediaLab for sponsoring us with a wonderful venue with a nice sea view.

DaLa will continue to organise more industry exchange events like this, providing professional data knowledge and skill training for enterprises and practitioners, to empower businesses through data-driven insights. We look forward to meeting with you again in the near future!

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